Production of small parts for the tapware sector

Our machine park

All our parts in the various brass alloys are made on numerically controlled lathes and cutters of the best international brands: Index, Gildemeister, Hanwha, Nakamura.

Thanks to continuous investments, we are able to keep our machinery always at the forefront. This allows us to remain competitive on the market both in terms of price and the variety of parts that we are able to produce. In fact, we work bars from 5 to 220 mm and we produce batches from 500 pieces up to 100,000 pieces.


Index ABC

Details from Ø8 to Ø65
Max length of parts 110 mm

Hanwha Fantina mobile headstock and moving head

Details from Ø 4.5 to Ø35
Max length of parts 250 mm

Index G200 / Gildemaister Twin

Details up to Ø225
Max length of parts 300 mm

Nakamura Ntmx L

Details up to Ø65
Max lenght of parts 300 mm

Plurimandrino Index MS32C

Details up to Ø32
Max lenght of parts 100 mm

Plurimandrino Index MS52C

Details up to Ø52
Max lenght of parts 100 mm

Index C100/C200 e Hanwha STL38H

Details from Ø6 to Ø65
Max lenght of parts 250 mm

Our warehouse

The warehouse of the bar

Continuous investments in all business sectors allow us to guarantee order and availability.


The goods storage warehouse

Furthermore, to optimize delivery times, we have automated the washing department and made the packaging department more efficient.

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